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101 Ohio Clergy Criticize President Biden for Vaccine Mandates, Abortion in Open Letter

WHO has also addressed concerns about mRNA vaccines, saying, “The COVID-19 mRNA vaccine technology has been rigorously assessed for safety, and clinical trials have shown that mRNA vaccines produce an immune response that has high efficacy against disease. mRNA vaccine technology has been studied for several decades…and [mRNA vaccines] do not interfere with human DNA.”

Speculating that an increase in American COVID-19 cases can be attributed to an influx of undocumented migrants, the letter said, “Mr. President, we believe you too have crossed a line.”

The letter also argued that natural immunity is more effective than vaccinations. According to research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccinations provide more effective immunity than a previous COVID-19 infection.

In conclusion, the letter said, “This unilateral and divisive order is unethical and tantamount to what a totalitarian king would dictate. Furthermore Mr. President, with respect to your vaccine mandate, we respond by saying ‘We have no king but King Jesus.’”

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