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Youth Pastor Charged With Raping a Student Receives Probation, No Jail Time

In 2020, the abuse survivor decided to report the Greathouse to police for his 2008 sexual misconduct. When speaking with the Tennessee Holler, she cited the fact that her daughter is the same age she was when Greathouse first raped her as part of her decision.

The survivor expressed frustration with the plea deal, noting that Greathouse is receiving the same punishment someone would get for “buying beer for a minor.”

Coffee County District Attorney Tom Anderson defended the plea bargain on Friday, arguing that “there were extenuating circumstances that would have been allowed to be presented by the defense that very likely could have resulted in a mistrial or even a not guilty [verdict].”

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Greathouse and the abuse survivor are currently involved in a custody dispute over their daughter. Anderson explained that the defense would argue that this dispute is “the motivation for reporting [Greathouse] many years later.” According to Anderson, a jury would have likely sided with Greathouse.

The abuse survivor said to the Tennessee Holler that her custody dispute with Greathouse did factor into her decision to press charges, saying that while she is open to Greathouse having visitation with their daughter, she does not want to “be controlled by” her abuser or co-parent with Greathouse’s current wife.

Both Greathouse and the abuse survivor now live in Tennessee, where they share custody of their child. Greathouse is forbidden by the court from having any contact with her, except for matters pertaining to their daughter. 

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