Home Christian News Abraham Piper Shares His ‘Hope For An Anti-Gay Pastor’

Abraham Piper Shares His ‘Hope For An Anti-Gay Pastor’

Addressing Piper’s personal assessment of him, Mannschreck said, “And I suppose it’s important to note that he got it a bit backwards. I’m not a fundamentalist journeying towards progressivism. I was raised in ‘progressive’ mainline protestantism, and have been drifting away from that ever since. My experiences in ministry, and the truth I have found in scriptures as I have been learning and teaching in my congregation — have pulled me further and further from what he calls ‘progress.'”

Mannschreck also expressed concern that the coming divide within the United Methodist Church over LGBTQ inclusion will leave little room for pastors who hold to a traditional view of marriage, saying that while United Methodists can expect talk of the denomination being a “big tent” with a “long table,” that table “will probably get shorter and shorter as the years go by.”

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