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Conservative Baptist Network Promotes Film Claiming Some SBC Entities Are Marxist

“The entire fabric of family, personal wealth, private property — all those things are out the door. And everything is ‘the State,’” said another. “They believe the State is God.” With dramatic music intensifying, the trailer crescendoed with images depicting pollution, overpopulation, and communism, all ending with the film’s title card. 

Christian Leaders Respond

Christian leaders have sharply criticized the film’s trailer and the CBN’s promotion of it, with many taking personal offense to the claim that SBC churches and seminaries have abandoned core Christian doctrines.

“These are the same people fighting us tooth and nail when it comes to exposing sexual abuse within the #SBC,” said Dave Pittman. “THIS is what’s WRONG with the church in America and they genuinely believe this horse hockey…”

“I’ve never heard so many lies about fellow Christians and sister churches in under 3 minutes,” tweeted Joel Rainey. “This is vile.”

Katie McCoy tweeted, “@BaptistNetwork: Your insinuation about Southwestern Seminary is irresponsible.”

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“Really now? Advertising a film that claims our seminaries are becoming Marxist while showing footage of @SWBTS? A sickening level of dishonesty from @BaptistNetwork once again,” tweeted Griffin Gulledge. “Imagine thinking @AdamGreenway and his faculty are Marxist. They live in a fantasy nightmare.” Adam Greenway is the president of SWBTS.

Some expressed that they found the film’s trailer so ridiculous that it was almost humorous. “As a Ph.D student @SWBTS I can say without hesitation that the seminary is NOT Marxist,” said Michael Cooper. “It is utterly laughable to suggest/insinuate/imply.”

“This is really one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. It’s pure propaganda, using a video of @SWBTS to imply a Marxist slant,” said Drew Erickson. “I think the @BaptistNetwork needs to rethink its core values. Promoting this doesn’t reflect who they say they are. What a joke.”

In response to Erickson, Dwight McKissic tweeted, “Stooping this low, is a low blow for even the CBN. To make such a baseless & false implication without attempting to place one iota of a supporting document into evidence, merits a strong rebuke of CBN, & Mid-America at the SBC in Anaheim.” The SBC is set to hold its 2022 annual meeting in Anaheim, CA.

View the trailer for “The Enemies Within the Church” below.