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‘One Religion’? Flynn Also Recited a Doomsday Cult Leader’s Prayer at a September Church Event

Defenders Call Flynn’s Terminology ‘Catholic’

Flynn, who identifies as Catholic, “has the right to his own faith,” writes Lisa Clapier, who has been associated with QAnon and other conspiracy theories. She claims that Flynn’s wording is being “mistakenly described” as an “‘occult’ prayer” when it’s really “a Catholic prayer.” Flynn, notes Clapier, “was named for the Archangel Michael,” and Scripture teaches us “to extend grace to ALL,” no matter their differences in religious beliefs.

Flynn’s recent call for “one religion” sparked swift backlash online from Christians as well as from people of non-Christian faiths. U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu of California tweeted, “I’m Catholic and do we really want government to force everyone to go to confession? I got baptized in college and those Church courses were soooo long. Michael Flynn would fall asleep in Church class. Sure glad we live in a Constitutional Republic instead of a theocracy.”

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