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CBN Calls Out SBC Seminary Professor for Promoting Gay Son’s Sermon

CBN reiterated its belief that there is a growing drift within the SBC and said its network is needed to call out these “drifts” and to demand “reform at top levels of the SBC.”

The CBN’s steering counseling includes In Touch Ministries’ founder Charles Stanley, G3 Ministries’ director of operations Virgil Walker, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, The Family Research Council’s president Tony Perkins, 2021’s SBC President runner-up Mike Stone, former SBC Executive Committee member Rod Martin, and many more.

SBC Pastor Tom Buck Shares a More ‘Troubling’ Issue

Tom Buck is the senior pastor at the First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas, and serves as the director of G3 Expository Preaching Workshops. Buck, who is not part of the CBN, unleashed a Twitter thread blasting James’ words where he says his son’s sermon speaks the “truth” of the gospel.

“I listened to the ‘sermon,’ and it was completely VOID of THE gospel. It’s pure Henry Emerson Fosdick social gospel,” Buck wrote. He then pointed out that the only mention or explanation of the “gospel in the sermon that @drjamesmerritt says is ‘faithful,’” came from when Jonathan said, “My grandfather shared the good news that God loves all…receive the good news of the gospel: God whose name is love is waiting for you everywhere, even in the places you would rather not go. The Holy Spirit is hovering over your crumbling world calling forth new life. And Jesus is always coming again and again. So stay alert and keep watch.”

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Buck said he found it disturbing that a professor at SEBTS publicly is promoting a sermon given by “an openly homosexual man,” but said what was more “troubling” is the fact James calls the promoted sermon “faithful to the gospel and coming of Jesus.” Buck then called out the SBC seminary saying, “If this is the gospel at @sebts, we’re in trouble!”

“It’s a train wreck, whether preached by a homosexual or heterosexual,” Buck said. “The saddest thing is what he thinks the gospel is. He can never be saved by that ‘gospel.’ ”