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‘God Delusion’ Author Richard Dawkins Signs Declaration Against Gender Transitions for Children

Criticism of Richard Dawkins

Some of Dawkins’ followers have responded with dismay, accusing him of marginalizing trans people. Said one, “As a woman, I really object to men signing this is the [sic] name of defending women’s rights. The majority or women [sic] are more than happy to share safe spaces with all women and understand that trans rights do not impact on our safety.”

Another said, “Sorry Richard I looked up to you before this, but this beyond [sic] reason. I’m now currently trying to work out if I should block a man who I have hugely admired over the years. Why are you marginalising people who already have the odds heavily stacked against them? I won’t sign.”

Comedian Dave Chappelle recently came under fire for (among other comments) taking a similar position in his most recent comedy special. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Al Mohler has said he believes the Chappelle controversy has implications for free speech and religious liberty. 

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