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TikToker Claims Joel Osteen Got Him Fired After Harassing Osteen in a TikTok Video

One commenter wrote, “I’m a pastor. You’re my hero. I’m proud of you.” Another said, “Wrong guy lost his job.” 

“I am extremely overwhelmed by all of the support that I have been receiving,” Stanley said. “I have a lot of comments asking me to start a GoFundMe campaign for myself. I think that is super nice, but I think we can do much better. I’m going to be starting a GoFundMe campaign working with two non-profit organizations: one in L.A. and one in Houston where Joel resides.”

In four days, Stanley’s GoFundMe campaign—called “He Knows Fund”—has raised over $6,500 to help the homeless in L.A. and Houston.

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A spokesperson for Osteen and Lakewood Church told Fox Business that Osteen’s team had nothing to do with Stanley getting fired, saying, “It would be the most out of character thing in the world for Joel Osteen to try and get anybody fired. I can’t even fathom that. I can’t even imagine that.” Apparently, the spokesperson wasn’t even aware of the incident.

More Reactions

Osteen might be the pastor of the largest church in North America, but that doesn’t mean he is liked by everyone. Many of the 42,000 commenters on Stanley’s video didn’t hold back in praising the TikToker for calling the Osteen a vulgarity, expressing their dislike for the megachurch pastor.

“All the people mad about this are the same ones who believe in the scam Joel sold for a decade. This is the kinda pastor Jesus warned about,” someone commented.

Another wrote, “That LAUGH says it ALL. unfortunately all the SUCKERS from his CHURCH give him THEIR hard earned money to hide in the WALLS. GREAT job my guy.”

“Bro. I’m behalf of the city of Houston. Thank you,” someone told Stanley. Another said, “[Osteen] needs to hear this more often.”

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Nevertheless, not everyone took shots at Osteen. One commenter stood up for the pastor, saying, “I’m glad Joel was able to keep his cool. This speaks volumes about you more than him. Do better.”

American Idol alum and Dove Award winning Christian artist, Danny Gokey, told Stanley, “Sir you revealed more about yourself in that moment than you did regarding Joel. Since you know enough to judge him tell me why he is what you claimed.”