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Founders of Humanitarian Organization Preemptive Love Accused of Abusing Staff, Misleading Donors

“Preemptive Love sucks the best people dry,” White said. “When you finally extricate yourself from the abusive environment (a traumatizing experience in itself) you’re left feeling like you’re nothing. You’re met with so much gaslighting that your head is spinning. A lot of us have ended up in therapy to try to sift through all that happened. Because our vulnerabilities were exploited, our confidence gutted, and our experiences disregarded.”

White pleaded with those reading her Twitter post that PLC “is not an organization you should trust with your funds. This is not an organization you should trust to do what they say they’re doing. And, frankly, my experience pales in comparison to what local and POC staff experienced. So please, listen to us.”

Irwin concluded his article by saying, “Preemptive Love says it wants to remake the world. But first, it needs to remake itself.”

Preemptive Love Board’s Statement

A day after Irwin’s article was published, PLC’s board released a statement explaining that a departing member of the senior leadership team had shared “several concerns” with the board regarding PLC’s culture and leadership.

The statement said that the board took the concerns “extremely” seriously, moving to internally investigate the claims. The board then hired Guidepost Solutions to conduct a thorough inquiry into PLC’s leadership practices after they received a signed letter on August 20, 2021 by a number of former employees, which included complaints regarding the Courtneys.

The board shared that both Jeremy and Jessica have taken a leave of absence while the investigation is being conducted, and they have only been allowed to partially engage in “essential duties.”

The board said they will review the investigation’s findings and determine the “best course of action—No matter what we learn, the Board is committed to making all necessary decisions, no matter how difficult, to rectify any past missteps, renew our commitment to care for every team member, and ensure that Preemptive Love becomes a healthier organization.”

Christian Artist Propaganda Speaks Out

Popular Christian hip-hop artist and poet, Propaganda (Jason Emmanuel Petty), is one of the six board members for PLC. Below is his statement regarding the allegations against PLC, which he posted to Twitter.

I ain’t worked my whole life in justice and equality, finally have my first chance to have a seat at the table just to NOT throw hands. I’m def learning as I go along exactly HOW to get results and I am just one person on but Just know.. I’m no ones negro. I was just as blindsided as y’all when we got the note in the spring. I ain’t never been on a board before, only been on this one in since march of 2020. This ain’t a payin gig! I thought it was resume builder we just look at budgets, make sure the org was doin what they said. We got super active the second [we] found out and…well…things were said..lol. Obviously we can’t tweet it all but the link above will be a play by play. What’s verifiable and what’s not. As far as my friendship, the way I’m built, a homie means I get to call you out when you trippin this ain’t no defense of no ones actions. I’m speaking for me and the board. We took this mug hella serious. like you we believe the mission is still beautiful. Ya l know how power works though, gotta have ALL yo receipts or you get shut down on a technicality. We BEEN workin yo I be the 1st to tell you, I’m a rookie! I got no one in my family I can call that has experience in something like this. But I ain’t scared! Ain’t tryin to see no one lose they career over stuff they ain’t have nothin to with, Because folks on the top couldn’t get they sh*t together.