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Colts Center Ryan Kelly, Wife Emma Put Trust in God’s ‘Bigger Purpose’ After Daughter’s Death

Despite being in the thick of a chase for a playoff spot, the Colts (8-6) plan to give Kelly all the time off he needs.

“What we’ve said to Ryan is, ‘Hey, take all the time you need, we’re 100 percent behind you and Emma,’” Colts head coach Frank Reich said. “’We’re here to support you, and when you’re ready to take that step, we’re right here.’”

Reich added, “I’m just not going to push that. Far as I know, it could be tomorrow, it could be a week from now. Whatever it is, we’re 100 percent behind him.”

A Christian himself, Reich has sought to instill a family culture with the Colts. He said that takes precedent over football as it relates to this instance.

“These situations, as I think we all know, in life, there’s no perfect formula for how to handle these situations,” Reich said. “Everybody has to go through their process as a family. The mourning, and the healing steps that it takes.”

Please join us in praying for the Kelly family.

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Cole Claybourn is a sports journalist with Sports Spectrum.