Home Christian News Sean Feucht Says HarperCollins Cancelled New Book Because of His Political Views

Sean Feucht Says HarperCollins Cancelled New Book Because of His Political Views

“My issue with this book publisher,” Feucht said, “represents a season that all of us are facing right now, in some different way.” It could be at one’s workplace or the church and “we just can’t ignore it. We don’t need to glorify [the situation] but we also don’t need to say, ‘Oh that’s just a conspiracy theory. That’s not really happening right now. You’re just being dramatic, Sean.’”

Feucht exclaimed, “No! It is happening, [and] it’s happening to a lot of us.” He shared that he’s getting a lot of messages from all over the world experiencing cancellation, censorship, and what Feucht called a “spirit of intimidation” to get them to “shut up.”

“Now is not the time to shut up,” Feucht said. “When you’ve got the truth on your side, you’ve got to scream it from the mountaintops.”

Kingdom people have a call to spread the gospel, but also not to compromise what they believe, Feucht told his followers.

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The Christian Post reported that HarperCollins said they didn’t sign a contract with Feucht.

Feucht told The Christian Post that “HarperCollins is trying to weasel out of their signed agreement.”

“Don’t you worry. This will clearly work out for my good—it always does,” Feucht said in a recent tweet. “Exciting announcement coming soon…The last time this happened with canceling our #LetUsWorship Azusa album, it skyrocketed to #1 on iTunes over every other album in every other genre in the U.S. Maybe God is doing it again here. The resistance only proves the power of the message.”

Thursday evening Feucht posted an image of an email publishing offer from HarperCollins. The email was from November 8, 2022 and addressed to Esther Fedorkevich the founder of The Fedd Agency, a literary and entertainment group.

“It’s unfortunate I have to do this,” Feucht said, “but @HarperCollins is claiming there wasn’t a deal to publish my new book. Here is the proof. This is what’s known as a ‘deal memo’ in the pub business. The bottom line is that the woke mob wants to deplatform Christians. Time to fight back.”