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Francis Chan Says He Was ‘Too Quick to Label People as False Teachers’ in the Past, Calls Christians to Unity

While Chan said that he was “cunning enough to refrain from openly slandering” others in public, he argued that “just because my statements weren’t made in public doesn’t mean God hated it less. Every unkind word spoken in private about one of His children was heard by Him.”

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Chan also recently authored a book called “Until Unity,” wherein he calls church leaders to be “eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3), and seeks to give them hope that it’s possible.

Chan’s book emphasizes prayer as one of the ways Christians can work toward unity, saying, “Many of our problems could be reconciled if we discussed our concerns on our knees before a Holy God.”

“Being a Christian means that Christ has entered you, filled you with His love, and is pouring His life through you to the people around you. If you have experienced the life-changing love of Jesus, you will be overflowing with love for God and others. It’s that simple,” Chan said.

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