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85-Year-Old on Walker Takes to Streets in Gospel to Every Home

Nathan Whisnant, associational mission strategist with the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association of 55 churches in northwest Kentucky, has heard many encouraging stories from the 25 association churches that have participated.

“Every church in our association that has participated has seen God do something,” he said. “Every church has been changed, that has participated. And there’s not many things you can say that about.”

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Owensboro, with about 450 worshipers, enjoyed its highest attendance in history on Easter 2021 after conducting its outreach, with 10 families joining the ranks of its membership a week later. Jonathan Bonar Sr. is the pastor.

A young man returned home to find a Gospel packet on his door from South Hampton Baptist Church, an aging rural congregation of about 30 worshipers in Owensboro pastored by Clay Lambert. He attended three times before asking how he could be saved. He accepted Jesus and was baptized.

“That happened without any conversation at the door, just putting the packet on the door handle,” Whisnant said. “They’re just a little church in the country. Been there for years and years and years. They were not able to talk to a lot of people, but they did put their packets on doors.”

Whisnant describes door-to-door evangelism as effective and easy to accomplish, once you learn the basics. Churches are encouraged to visit homes in teams of three, with both genders included. Participants are encouraged to wear masks and observe social distancing when approaching homes, and to follow the example of homeowners and residents if invited inside. Of hundreds of people visited at their homes, Whisnant said, only three or so have refused to talk.

“People are eager to talk,” he said. “We have found that over and over.”

Hebron Baptist Church enjoyed two good timeframes in the summer and fall of 2021 to visit homes when the pandemic was ebbing, Pastor Shawn Dobbins said. Former members have returned, others have prayed to receive Christ, and others they didn’t contact have visited by word-of-mouth.

“It just seems like God is blessing our work, in other words,” Dobbins said. “Gospel to Every Home has helped us to begin the recovery process after COVID. We plan to carry that forward with ongoing outreaches to the community. We haven’t finished and we want to keep working.”

He anticipates three focused door-to-door outreaches annually “as an essential ministry” of the church. He appreciates having members like Owens who are eager to participate.

“We were just so blessed that she had the heart to reach our neighbors,” Dobbins said.

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