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‘I Met Grief in the Fiercest Way,’ TobyMac Opens up About Truett’s Death

Truett’s death has prompted McKeehan to speak and deeply think about eternity more than he had before. Mckeehan thinks about it more now, because he imagines the ones he loves who are now residing with Christ.

McKeehan lost his sister, Kristen, less than a year after Truett’s death.

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McKeehan shared how he pictures them, saying, “I don’t know if I can do this without crying.” The father imagines his son, Truett saying, “’Dad, if you could only see what I see right now, and it’s not necessarily what heaven looks like, it’s how this thing all works; how leaving this early isn’t necessarily a rip-off. No, you don’t understand yet, dad. You don’t get it. You don’t get it at all.’ That’s what I see in here.”

Sharing about how his family has dealt with Truett’s death, McKeehan said that counseling is a wonderful gift. Mckeehan also indicated that, to him, community is the most important thing to have.

“To have loved ones surround you in your darkest moment, just love you [and] just be with you,” McKeehan said regarding the importance of community. The 57 year-old artist, who has been making music for over 34 years, shared that the way his fans have prayed for his family and loved them through social media made them feel surrounded by love.

“To me that’s what the body of Christ should look like,” McKeehan said.

The interview concluded with McKeehan saying, “Through the grief that I’ve experienced and what I’ve walked through—the raging storm [and] the deepest valley—I didn’t know God stayed close in those times, but I’ve learned that He does—I really have.”