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‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Actor Shares the Gospel With Millions of Instagram Followers

Buzolic shared another example of this, saying, “We get a clearer look at this when Jesus speaks to the crowds who have followed him after He fed 5,000 men in John’s gospel.” They too missed the point and only followed Jesus for “another feeding rather then receiving God’s word to bring them to eternal life.”

“Now don’t get me wrong,” Buzolic told his followers. “God can’t help but heal, which is why Jesus continued to heal as the crowds continued to bring the sick, lame and ill.”

Nevertheless, it is the renewal of one’s mind that is far more important than physical healing, Buzolic shared; “to be transformed on the inside by the word of God so that His people would trust him despite our current circumstances trials or tribulations.”

There are many illnesses in the world but the greatest sickness one can have is a hardened heart towards the one true God, Buzolic continued.

The 38 year-old concluded his post, which has been liked over 33,000 times, with Jesus’ words recorded in John 8, “If you abide in my words, then you are truly my disciples. You will know the truth and THE TRUTH will set you FREE.”

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Making sure his followers understood that Jesus was the only one that could fulfill the penalty for our sins, Buzloic wrote, “If we don’t correctly believe in the right identity of Jesus who is God we will die in our sins.” Buzloic proclaimed, “Jesus came into the world to save sinners, we have set our hope on Him.”

Buzolic Frequently Posts About Jesus

Buzolic’s Twitter feed is filled with posts about Jesus and his Christian faith. His 541,000 followers regularly read posts like, “The devil fools anyone who doesn’t regularly read the word of God. Genesis REVEALS From the very beginning the devil’s KEY tactic against image bearers of God has been to deliver a distorted truth. See, Mary was both chosen by God and Mary has been used by the devil for idolatry.”

“Many people will say be more like Jesus,” another of Buzolic’s tweets reads. “Well…Jesus spoke a lot about hell and sin, imploring us to do absolutely everything we can to avoid both. So I’ll be more like Jesus and keep reminding a wicked world that Hell is a real reality without true repentance in the blood of Christ.”

In a different Instagram post, Buzolic wrote, “So before you today stands life and death. Accept. Ignore. Decline. I say to you as Moses said before—Choose life. Choose God. Choose Jesus. It begins with a simple yes to follow Jesus & ends with eternal life in the presence of our King.”

Buzolic Scheduled to Lead a Palm Sunday Tour

Buzolic is scheduled to lead a tour in Israel this coming April. According to the tour’s website, their mission is to bring people closer to Christ by traveling the land Jesus walked and called home.