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35 of the Craziest Things People Have Seen in Church

“I saw a Lutheran pastor give a sermon to warn that transcendental meditation and repeating the word ‘Shiva’ would lead to demonic possession,” said user James Kestrel. “Delivered to a congregation of Central Texas ranchers about as likely to try meditation as veganism.” 

“I was at a revival,” said another user, “and this preacher was ‘healing’ people. Went up to this guy in a wheelchair with a blanket over his lap down tdo [sic] the floor. Preacher screamed ‘GET UP AND WALK’ and ripped off the blanket. Dude ain’t have no legs.” 

Other times it was the people at the church causing the cringe. One pastor of a Baptist church in Texas shared, “A very drunk woman came to our church on a Sunday morning wanting to ‘shpeak to tha pashtor.’ She was fully dressed from waist up, and had only hose on from waist down. Thank God, a female minister intercepted her before she got to me.”

Another church leader said, “Once had a guy offer a prayer request for the pastor to have a heart attack so they could get a new pastor. I was that pastor.”

“Someone stood up and booed the pastor while he was preaching, I’m talkin ‘BOOOO!”’ then walked out,” said one woman.

Other stories involved church cultures that were strange, traumatizing, and even abusive. One woman said, “First time I heard JT’s ‘Sexy Back’ was when I walked into an auditorium where youth pastors dressed in wife beaters and baggy jeans were pole dancing sans poles in every corner as the intro to a purity event. ‘intended to cause discomfort.’”

“Kids being called up to the stage and being separated into good kids and bad kids by the pastor,” said one woman. “I was one of those kids put into the bad group. Or the time when all the men voted on whether or not women in the church  could wear plain t-shirts ever again.”

Another woman shared, “At my old church the pastor had an affair with a minor. My mother and sister discovered it and had to force the deacons to take action although they wanted to ignore the issue. He’s in jail.”

Yet another user said, “Aight so we had to take this annointing [sic] oil and then we had to throw up the evil spirits. So picture a small church everybody at tables empty shopping bags in front of them. VOMITING while the lady preacher preaching. I was 13. They did this every other Tuesday.”

Crazy Church Stories About Money, Fights, and Funerals

Some of Kevin Frederick’s’ followers described going to churches where they were pressured to give away their money. “A church I was visiting with my college gospel choir got real into offerings and honoring the pastor and basically was like lock the doors so everyone could give..it was time for us to go at that point,” said one man.