Home Christian News Lecrae’s Label Cuts Artist Accused of Sending Unsolicited Explicit Photos to Women

Lecrae’s Label Cuts Artist Accused of Sending Unsolicited Explicit Photos to Women

GAWVI Accused of Sending Unsolicited Explicit Photos to Women

*Warning: some of the content below is explicit and may be triggering for those who have suffered from abuse.

Just hours after GAWVI posted his statement on Instagram, the visual artist and designer married to Christian rapper Wordsplayed (John Itiola), Cataphant (Catalina Bellizzi-Itiola), tweeted a damning statement that accused GAWVI of sexual harassment.

“Years ago I made album artwork for @gawvi,” Cataphant wrote. “For my next project I’m going to make a collage of all the unasked for d*ck pics he sent to women while he was still married.”

Choosing to not be silent regarding the truth of GAWVI’s actions, she followed her surprising allegations with a clarifying tweet about why she spoke out against the Reach Records former artist, saying, “It wasn’t a knee-jerk thoughtless reaction. I have known about his actions for at least a year, maybe more. WE ALL DID. He wasn’t good at covering his tracks. Who did I find out all these things from? Everyone.”

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Cataphant shared that people confronted GAWVI, but that he refused the accountability, saying, “Secondly, EVERYONE confronted him. I want to defend all my friends because I KNOW they tried and tried. When someone refuses accountability and is a text book narcissist, there is no ‘addressing in privately’ (sic).”

She called GAWVI’s statement posted about he and Brianna’s divorce a lie, saying, “I did this because I’m standing up for my friend who was incorrectly represented in that lying [expletive] statement that painted a false picture of why GAWVI LEFT his wife for someone else. Divorce is whatever, [expletive] happens. But GAWVI if you’re reading this…[expletive] you, you [expletive] liar.”

As other abuse survivors thanked Cataphant for standing up for the truth, she posted that GAWVI attempted to solicit an underage girl at a concert, but that the situation was averted when her parents accompanied her.

“One of GAWVI’s victims was underage,” Cataphant wrote, revealing an image of a private message that read, “I don’t know if it was anything sexual…it’s been hard [for] her to go into detail because when I mentioned her she was triggered…she only mentioned he [GAWVI] called her backstage to tell her Lecrae wanted to meet her and got her number because he wanted to ‘Meet up’ to get in the studio. Ironically when she involved her parents taking her to meet him, he suddenly kept saying he didn’t know her and how did she get his number…we believe he [curbed] her when he discovered she was under 18.”

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Cataphant told those criticizing and threatening her for speaking out, “You say, ‘How could you ruin a man’s life?’ [How] about a man who ruined a woman’s life?” She then shared that more people are coming forward, “and it’s bad.”

Rapzilla states that GAWVI’s ex-wife shared her story through her TikTok account, which was recently made private. Brianna’s videos described GAWVI’s infidelity, the trauma she’s gone through, and her healing process.

ChurchLeaders reached out to Lecrae at Reach Records, Cataphant, and GAWVI for comments and will update this article in the event of their response.