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Bible Gateway Removes The Passion Translation From Site

Others have called Simmons’ translation into question based on his theological tradition. Simmons is apparently a part of the New Apostolic Reformation movement (NAR), which is an offshoot of other Charismatic movements but has diverged from those denominations in a number of ways, including the restoration of the offices of prophet and apostle within church governance. 

A number of influential NAR leaders have endorsed The Passion Translation, including Bill Johnson, Lou Engle, and Ché Ahn.

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Concerns about Simmons’ theological tradition, which stands on the fringes of evangelicalism and diverges with it on a number of theological convictions, rest in part on the fact that Simmons’ translation imports theological interpretation in order to make the English rendering more easy to read, but makes interpretive assumptions that some evangelicals find problematic. 

In a now deleted social media post, Simmons expressed his disappointment that TPT was removed from Bible Gateway, saying, “Cancel culture is alive in the church world.”

Simmons encouraged those who use The Passion Translation to reach out to Bible Gateway and request that it be added back to the site. He further expressed that TPT is still available on other platforms such as Logos Bible Software, YouVersion, and OliveTree.

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