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Valentine’s Is a Good Day to Look at Our ‘Often Deficient Theology of Singleness,’ Says Pastor

He said, “Married people and single people—there’s kind of like this enormous wall that’s invisible, but very tangible…There was much more of a mutuality [in the Netherlands], and here it’s so separated. And I found it really sad, honestly.”

This is a pain point another Twitter user voiced earlier this week. In a list of several ideas about how the church can care for singles better, the user echoed Koo’s encouragement for married people to reach out to singles. She said, “One of the most meaningful things was my married friend who invited me to sit w/her family at church & made it clear she’d love it if I sat w/them every time if that’s what I wanted.” The user also suggested that married people invite single people to lunch after church. “Singles often go home to eat alone,” she said. “Sundays are hard.” 

Koo pointed out, “Both marriage and singleness can represent Christ and his bride to the fullest.” Both are like a trailer to a movie about the coming union of Christ and the church at the end of time—at which point marriage will no longer exist. “The challenge is,” said Koo, “how can we be a healthy body of Christ that has intimate relationships with each other because that’s where we’re going anyways. Because marriage will be over. Every one of us in heaven will have this deep, intimate relationship with each other…So as we mature and let the Holy Spirit transform our lives, can we have part of that kingdom already here on earth? Because we so need it.”