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Top Sellers of ‘Young Living Essential Oils Leaving, Claiming The Company Promotes ‘Demonic’ Propaganda

“Jesus didn’t do that, and the fact that His name is in this book?” Truitt said, before throwing the book on the floor. “It’s full of lies and made-up Scripture.”

“’I am sovereign in my god self,’” Truitt quoted from the book. “So we are little gods—again so false. Another is: ‘I am the brilliant mind of my creator.’ So we are God’s mind?” Truitt expressed confusion at the statement.

The Christian mother admitted that she doesn’t know all the beliefs of the founders of her favorite stores like Target or Anthropologie, but said if they sent a book like the one she holds, she’d stop shopping there immediately.

Truitt added that Living Young’s products will never be in her home again. Truitt concluded her live video by telling Young Living leaders, “You received this book. And so if you hide this book from your teams, then you are condoning this evil. And if you promote it, then you need a serious heart check. This will be at your conventions. This is at the top of your company. This is so much bigger than money. This is eternally significant. Believers, you have to rise up and run from this. There’s no amount of money that should keep you in bondage to this company with that kind of leadership.”

Truitt shared screen shots from the book. Here are some of the quotes:

Essential oils are the heartbeat of the planet kingdom; and when we really understand that we realize this heartbeat is the energy that was created to sustain life. The world of essential oils is a reawakening of our planet; and if it is not respected and treated kindly, the knowledge that can come through will be lost and will never surface again. the pure intelligence of essential oils may be the only tool that can reach into the deep recesses of our brain, cross over the chemical barriers and open the hidden channels of our mind, allowing access to greater knowledge and discernment in reaching our highest potential to become more Christ-like, to communicate without speaking, to focus our thinking and to be able to manifest our thoughts into reality. We want to raise our frequency so we can heal ourselves and then help others heal themselves.

Oils protect from all kinds of friction: mechanical, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

The human body is made up of many bodies, not just physical.

I Am comes from Within. The oils are lubricating the memory of light (sunlight) and restoration of light in us.

I reclaim my Spiritual attunement and alignment for my Highest good. I Am the Resurrection and the Life of my lineage.

I receive from my Divine Mother all I require in my creative expression.

Young Living Denies They Sent the Book

According to BuzzFeed News reporter Stephanie McNeal, Young Living released a statement saying that the company “did not publish and does not endorse this book in any way…[Harting sent the book to] her own list without the company’s knowledge or consent. We support a culture of inclusion that we extend to our employees, customers, and brand partners world-wide. We appreciate and celebrate our members and their diversity of background and belief, and are dedicated to ensuring our brand partners follow our policies and procedures and code of ethics.”

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“Mary Young’s choice to write a foreword stemmed from her own belief about the use of language to promote positive outcomes and her desire to support a friend,” a Young Living spokesman said. “She wrote her foreword prior to much of the book even being written based on the authors’ intent to teach people how to use positive language to help bring about change in their lives.”

Some have claimed that Truitt and others are using the book to coerce others into joining the MLM (multi-level marketing) organization they left Young Living for, called Modere.

Truitt responded to that implication by saying Young Living’s CEO “wrote the foreword. Her best friend, who is a Royal Crown Diamond, wrote the book. It was sent to all the diamonds (there’s a handful lying saying they didn’t get it—they did), and it literally says, ‘DEAR DIAMONDS.’ They only had my address because they have a list of diamonds from corporate.”