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Christian ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant ‘Nightbirde’ Loses Her Battle With Cancer at Age 31

“I have had cancer three times now, and I have barely passed thirty,” Marczewski wrote in March 2021. “There are times when I wonder what I must have done to deserve such a story. I fear sometimes that when I die and meet with God, that He will say I disappointed Him, or offended Him, or failed Him. Maybe He’ll say I just never learned the lesson, or that I wasn’t grateful enough. But one thing I know for sure is this: He can never say that He did not know me.

In her last post on Instagram, she told her 1 million followers, “Honestly, things have been pretty brutal. But this is a photo of myself from last week where I felt pretty, and alive, and awake, and human, and real. I needed that. We’re all a little lost and it’s alright. #seejanewin #stillgotdreams #nightbirde

“We are saddened to learn about @_nightbirde‘s Passing,” AGT’s host Terry Crews posted. “Our Condolences goes to her Closest Family & Friends in such of This difficult time. We Love you, Nightbirde.”

Mandel tweeted, “@_nightbirde was such a bright inspirational light in all our lives. We must continue to live and learn from her words and lyrics. As much as I feel horribly about her passing I feel lucky to to have met, heard and known her.”

AGT’s official Instagram page posted, “Your voice, your story, and your message touched millions. Nightbirde will always be a member of the AGT family. Rest In Peace, Jane.”

Correction: This story was first published Feb. 21. It was updated March 7 to say Jane Marczewski died on Feb. 19, not Feb. 20, as was previously reported.