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Christians and Church Leaders React to Russia’s Violent Ukraine Invasion

Many others responded to the heartbreaking invasion. Here are a few of their responses:

Beth Moore urged people to pray, tweeting, “Do not imagine for a moment prayer doesn’t matter. Pray for Ukraine. Pray for divine intervention. Miraculous protection. Pray for the presence of Jesus to permeate households & hiding places & be a shield & comfort to them. Pray a psalm—maybe 27 or 31—as intercession. Let’s pray.”

Greg Laurie, Harvest Christian Fellowship’s senior pastor, posted, “As you know, Russia has attacked Ukraine. Let’s all be in prayer for the people there. Pray also for our leadership that they make wise and prudent decisions in the next few critical hours.”

“Pray for the people of Ukraine,” Outreach Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Ed Stetzerwrote.

Christianity Today’s public Theologian Russell Moore wrote, “Vladimir Putin is a murderer and a tyrant. He is an abuser of evangelical Christians, other religious minorities, and even his own country’s orphans. And now he attacks a neighbor, a democracy, a friend of the USA. God save Ukraine.”

Christian author and speaker Christine Caine said, “Don’t think that your prayers are not heard by God or felt by people. I can tell you that people on the ground in Ukraine ‘feel’ our prayers and support. Don’t withhold prayer due to despair. It matters. It makes a difference. Stay locked in. Be attentive. #PrayForUkraine

DC Talk’s Kevin Max posted, “War is what is wrong with the human race…war for control, war for power, war for money, war against literature & libraries, war against health & welfare of others, war against deconstruction, war against equality, war inevitably against democracy etc.. War, what is it good for?”

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“The hour is critical. Please pray for the people of Ukraine,” SBC president Ed Litton tweeted.

Conservative Baptist Network steering council member Scott Colter asked people to join him in prayer, saying, “Join me this morning in praying for the people of Ukraine as they attempt to stand and fight for their freedom.”