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SBC’s ‘Racial Reconciliation Sunday’ Condemned By Conservative Baptist Network, Other Prominent SBC Leaders

“Is this really a big problem among born-again Christians?! I find it hard to believe,” said another, perhaps unaware of the circumstances of the denomination’s founding. “No, we are not flawless, but have we not been radically changed? If not, then Christ has no power.”

Others referred to the commemoration as “performative,” “pandering,” and “unnecessary.” 

SBC pastor Tom Buck said, “At FBC Lindale, we’ve already been reconciled by Christ & worship as one race!”

“Good grief,” said Darrell B. Harrison, Dean of Social Media for John MacArthur’s “Grace To You” Ministry. Executive Director of Operations for G3 Ministries Virgil Walker retweeted the announcement with this commentary: “Nooooooooooooooooo!!!”

The CBN released a statement on the morning of Racial Reconciliation Sunday, which said, “The Conservative Baptist Network appeals to the sufficiency of Scripture in this and every other area of life.”

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The statement went on to reaffirm a previous statement made on February 21, which read in part, “May Southern Baptists not make reconciliation appear more difficult or convoluted than it is. Division is caused exclusively by sin, and Jesus Christ crucified and raised to life offers the only solution to sin. We do not need any worldly ideologies or frameworks to recognize sin as the problem and Christ as the solution.”

Adam Greenway, who is the president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) and had previously clashed with the CBN after they promoted a film that painted SWBTS as a Marxist institution, tweeted on Sunday afternoon, “For those SBC’ers who follow the denominational calendar (a strictly voluntary—not compulsory—matter), today is Racial Reconciliation Sunday.”

“The emphasis itself is hardly a new one, but some of the present reactions to it seem to mirror those from a much earlier time period,” Greenway said, attaching an image from a 1965 Baptist Press article that reported on the first Racial Reconciliation Sunday, which at that time was called “Race Relations Sunday” until 1998.

“Some said ‘Praise the Lord’ but others regarded it as evil when the Southern Baptist Convention observed its first Race Relations Sunday on Sunday Feb. 14…One angry member stalked from an Atlanta church as the pastor preached on ‘doctrines’ supporting a Christian approach to race relations,” the article clipping read in part. 

“@AdamGreenway, who’s even come close to calling Racial Reconciliation Sunday ‘evil,’” replied Tom Buck. “You ignored and helped cover up the open sin of @EdLitton before your students, but you have no problem making unfounded and slanderous charges of sin against fellow SBCers in a veiled way.”

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