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SBC President Ed Litton Thanks Fellow Southern Baptists; Blocks SBC Pastor Tom Buck

Buck posted a few minutes later that Litton had blocked him on Twitter. “For the record, Ed Litton blocked me for this tweet,” Buck wrote. “It wasn’t a victory lap, it was a sincere observation. I said the same thing to @jdgreear when he talked about racial reconciliation. But just consider the President of the SBC blocked the Sr. Pastor of a SBC church over this.”

Screengrab via Twitter @TomBuck

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Ph.D. student Corey Smith wrote, “Sermon plagiarism is not a mistake, shortcoming, or failure. It is a sin. We must call sin what it is, sin. Ed Litton should have repented publicly of sin and resigned immediately as a result. However, I am glad he will not be the SBC president next year.”

James Merritt, who served for two years as SBC’s president in 2000, wrote, “I have the deepest love and respect for @EdLitton who regardless of any other narrative is a true man of God who loves his Lord, his church and his denomination. This was a selfless decision that God will honor and I commend and admire and thank him for his service to the SBC.”

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Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, thanked Litton for his leadership, saying, “Ed Litton has the track record, trust, and set forth the trajectory to address race issues in the SBC and America in a constructive and redeeming manner. Grateful for his leadership as president. Praying & believing God will bless this well timed and needed initiative to heal the land.”

Litton’s predecessor, J.D. Greear, said he is honored to know him, writing, “Thank you, Ed. You have served Great Commission Baptists well and I am honored to know you. Count me in for this vision you have cast.”

“I’m very grateful for you, Ed,” pastor Alan Cross said. “You have done a great job as SBC president and I thank God for your life and ministry. I’m sorry that you won’t continue as president, but I’m confident that God will use you powerfully in these new efforts.”

Director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Daniel Darlingposted, “Ed Litton is a good man and a great pastor. Thankful for him.”

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“Whatever one may think about the circumstances surrounding @EdLitton’s election and tenure as SBC president,” SWBTS’ president Adam Greenway said, “and regardless of one’s thoughts about whether or not he should have run for reelection, he deserves our continued prayers as he finishes his term and fulfills his duties.”

Lead pastor of Tallahassee, Florida’s CITYCHURCH, Dean Inserra, told Litton he was thankful for him, saying, “I love Ed Litton and am thankful to call him a great friend. I’m also grateful for his service as President. Ed, you are appreciated! He speaks for so many of us.”