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Kanye West Instagram Prayer Turns Into Diatribe About Custody Dispute With Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Hillary Clinton

West went on to again express frustration about the disputes between Kardashian and himself throughout the process of their divorce before turning his attention back to asking God that his children would be at Sunday Service.

“God, I just need to protect my children. You protect the children. I know our nannies. Some of them are Christian,” West prayed. “You touch them, please, God, today and have them bring my children to Sunday Service this morning.” 

“The devil ain’t gon’ win. You hear what I’m saying? This is gaslighting. Kim gets Black people out of prison,” Kanye prayed, referring to Kardashian’s work in prison reform. “You know who puts Black people in prison? The person that [Davidson] has a tattoo of: Hillary [Clinton]!” 

It is unclear exactly what West was referring to, but the remark may have been a reference to the 1994 crime bill passed under the leadership of then President Bill Clinton, a bill that was championed by then First Lady Hillary Clinton at the time but that many have argued has had disproportionately negative consequences for the Black community. 

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“You understand the setup right here? You understand the narrative right here? God, please, in Your Son’s name, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, please make sure my kids come to Sunday Service,” West said to conclude his prayer. “Please, amen.”

While prayer is a hallmark of Christian life, particularly when someone finds themselves in a situation as difficult as a divorce and child custody negotiation, West’s publicly posted prayer has drawn criticism, with some accusing him of weaponizing the spiritual discipline to manipulate the emotions of others. 

“Kanye’s prayer that starts seemingly sincere before spiraling into a way to publicly slander and embarrass Kim is exactly why so many people have trauma associated with the word ‘prayer,’” tweeted Christian author and podcaster Heather Thompson Day. “I’ve sat with students who felt sick after having someone ‘pray’ with them. I’ve personally had a boss use prayer as a weapon once to manipulate me.”

“Prayer is such an important part of communion with God so it really really really hurts when people use it to control or punish,” Thomson Day continued. “Please respect the sacredness of prayer. Please speak up if you see someone use it to control, humiliate, slander, or manipulate others. [And] I’m sorry if this has been done to you.”

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