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Christianity Today News Editor Reports CT’s Failure to Properly Address Sexual Harassment Allegations

“Reporting abuse is always a burden and an honor. People are trusting you, sometimes even telling you traumatic things they’ve never told anyone,” Silliman went on to say. “As a journalist I have to take responsibility for that.”

“When this involves people I know and care about, the responsibility isn’t different, but I am acutely aware of it,” Silliman said. 

When asked about what he believes the impact this report will be, Silliman said, “I pray it will bring healing where it can bring healing, repentance where it can bring repentance, and help evangelicals be more faithful to Jesus.”

“There is a larger conversation about reforming evangelicalism. The question is, how? You can see my answer in this story. I think we start with commitment to telling the truth even when it hurts. I think we learn to be self critical. And I think we lean in to listen to voices that we haven’t listened to,” Silliman said. 

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Expressing that the current leadership at CT was supportive of the investigation and his reporting, Silliman said, “I’m proud that CT did this. I think that bodes well. I’ve received a lot of support from my colleagues and my bosses and their bosses. I don’t think you can take that for granted.”

“I think the women who work here are smart and tough and amazing and I’m eager to follow them into CT’s future,” Silliman continued. “Ultimately, though, I just want CT to pursue its mission: the church more faithful to Jesus and the world more drawn to him. That’s what I’m aiming for.”

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