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Woman Who Set Fire to Church, Synagogue Was ‘Worshiping Santería and Witchcraft,’ Says Former Friend

The morning of the arson incidents, Kimorah Parker posted a Facebook Live video that, as one commenter observed, could be taken as a “cry for help.” Parker opened the video saying, “Waiting for one of ya’ll to understand who the h*** I am since so one wants to hear me.” Given her other posts and input from her acquaintances, this statement could be related to beliefs Parker seems to have that she is a messianic figure. 

Parker then said she’d sit there and “wait for all ya’ll raggedy believers to come and look at me.” But she decided not to do that and instead carried her device to a different room and set it down facing a wall painted with what appears to be pagan imagery.

Parker’s Facebook page is filled with posts that come off as erratic and disturbed and include references to Christianity [Editor’s note: page contains language some may find offensive]. In some, she expresses hostility toward Malave. 

One of her posts, dated Feb. 26, says, “Someone anyone just please help me.”

Another acquaintance of Parker’s, Caleb Newburry, told WFSB, “I think she’s having a mental breakdown. I think she is psychologically just not there. She is losing her grip on reality.”

Newburry told FOX61, “Her as a person, she started changing, physically, mentally and we distanced ourselves.” Malave said, “I didn’t know that she was going to become this wicked. And that’s the word for it, wicked.”

Both Newburry and Malave said Parker has been experimenting with black magic and ritual sacrifice. Malave also said Parker believes “she is the new God.” 

Speaking directly to Parker in an interview with WFSB News, Malave said, “I just want you to do right, and burning churches isn’t righteous. You already burned a Bible. I just hope that God can touch you anointedly while you’re in there and make a change for you.”