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Monsignor Accused in Vatican Financial Trial Says He ‘Only Obeyed’ Bishops Above Him

Francis took a direct interest in the London deal, Carlino confirmed, relating how, on the day after Christmas in 2018, the pontiff met personally with Torzi at the Vatican, where they allegedly discussed how the church could regain control of the property. The directive from the pope “was to pay as little as possible and to acquire complete control of the building,” Carlino said.

A deal signed with Torzi on May 2, 2019, gave the businessman an additional $17 million to relinquish his voting shares. That evening, Parra and other actors in the deal celebrated together at a restaurant in Rome “paid for by the Holy Father,” Carlino said.

But the monsignor said Torzi had “tricked and duped” the Vatican, and also cast blame on Monsignor Alberto Perlasca, the former head of the Secretariat of State’s administrative office, who had initially overseen the London investment. Carlino said that Perlasca, who was investigated by Vatican authorities before becoming a prosecution witness, had lost the trust of the substitute, saying Parra suspected him of “grave infidelity.”

Carlino is expected to continue his testimony Tuesday, when the judges will also hear testimony from René Brülhart, the former president of the Vatican’s financial watchdog agency, and its former director, Tommaso di Ruzza. Both are accused of abuse of office.

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This article originally appeared on ReligionNews.com.