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‘God Has Staked Everything on Men’: Theologian Owen Strachan Stokes Controversy With Viral Tweet

“Owen, you forgot that Jesus didn’t count on the men at his resurrection. Instead, Jesus told a woman. Owen, Jesus staked EVERYTHING on a woman,” said another.

Fellow theologian and Director of Women’s Ministry at Baptist General Convention of Texas Katie McCoy responded to Strachan’s tweet by saying, “Owen, I say this charitably: This is an appeal to ontology.”

“If males image/reflect Christ to a greater degree — not just different, greater — by virtue of their maleness, that’s an ontological claim,” McCoy explained. “That’s the whole ballgame. The premise of complementarianism breaks down.” 

In other words, McCoy argued that if men are created in the image of God to a greater degree than women, then the claim among complementarians that God created men and women with equal value but to serve different functions rings hollow.

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Upon receiving a deluge of feedback, Strachan circled back to the tweet to provide further clarification. 

“Another way of saying this: Christ is the spiritual foundation of everything and men are the anthropological foundation of all these institutions,” Strachan tweeted. “In Christ, men hold fast to–and are head of–one wife & family; men lead the church as elders; men must lead in public (Is. 3:12).”

Some responded to Strachan’s followup tweet with support, with one saying, “Thanks for the additional statement. I wish people were a little more charitable with their takes on one tweet.”

However not everyone was satisfied. 

“It’s still wrong,” one retweet read. Someone else said, “Another way of saying this: ‘my misogyny disguised as theology got seen for what it was and I don’t want you guys to keep talking about it, ok?’”

“Theologians should be precise. This is about as imprecise as it gets and has major ontological implications,” said one pastor. 

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