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It Is Wrong or Foolish To Portray Jesus on TV? John Piper Weighs In

Piper, however, does not believe it is wrong for Christians to create dramatizations of Jesus’ life. He laid out his reasons why, as well as the precautions he takes to “avoid the dangers of distorting Scripture or replacing Scripture or diminishing the authority of Scripture.”

Piper does not believe creative depictions of Jesus’ life add to God’s Word because these imaginative works do not claim to have the authority of Scripture. The pastor noted that when he performed his poems, he made it obvious that he was not presenting them as equivalent to the Word of God. And he made an effort to ensure that what he was creating was in line with what the Bible actually teaches. Piper also pointed out that all preachers use their own words, words that are not in the Bible, when explaining the Bible to their congregations. 

While Piper said he believes it is not wise to use visual media in sermons, he went on to explain why “imaginative representations of biblical reality are warranted by Scripture itself.” In addition to the Bible’s prolific use of metaphor, God commanded several of the prophets to dramatically act out the messages God wanted to convey to his people.

Piper concludes, 

If we pause and ponder why the Bible itself employs so many imaginative means of explaining and illustrating and representing reality, we will see that the Bible itself:

-offers us examples of truth-clarifying, truth-intensifying drama, poetry, language
-encourages us to use language this way
-protects us against distorting or replacing or diminishing Scripture.