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Sean Feucht Leads a Worship Rally in Front of Disney’s Headquarters; Tells ChurchLeaders ‘It’s Time for the Church To Be Bold’

The worship leader asked the participants of the rally to pray that Disney would have a change of heart, encouraging them to “remember your God-given role as a parent to instruct children in the ways of the Lord—teach your children the Bible, refuse to accept the idea that corporations have the right to push woke politics on our children, stand firm as an American citizen and speak the truth boldly.”

Before handing the microphone over to Keturah, Feucht asked the crowd to sign an online petition.

“Dear holy Father, I pray for love and joy to come over everyone,” the 11-year-old prayed. “I pray that the creators of Disney will open their eyes to see the truth, and I pray that they will experience the love of Jesus, [that] they will not do any more bad movies, and I pray that my generation will be in Christ, not in TV, not in any bad stories, and I pray that they’ll know to let kids be kids, because I don’t want my generation to grow up in bad TV shows or to see bad things that we shouldn’t see. I want it to be in the Bible and the truth. In Jesus name, I declare it, amen.”

Feucht Talks to Fox & Friends

Feucht appeared on Fox & Friends the morning of the rally and explained what the Hold the Line movement is. This is “an activist movement that’s to encourage people across America to rise up and stand for biblical values and to really hold the line on all things that we’re called to conserve in this season.”

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“Disney has entertained us and our kids for decades,” Feucht told Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt. Feucht explained that he has taken his kids to Disney World and they’ve loved the movies they produce, “but they crossed a line in the sand when they began to enable those who want to fight to sexualize our kids.”

At the time of the interview, over 20,000 people had signed an online petition Hold the Line set up at ParentsFightBack.com. Feucht told Earhardt they need to “put feet to that petition,” announcing later that evening they were meeting in front of the Disney’s headquarters in Burbank, CA.

According to Feucht, parents along with former and current Disney employees joined in the rally. Earhardt asked Feucht if current Disney employees feared repercussions for standing up for what they believe in demonstrating outside their employer’s gate.

“There’s been a lot of open letters sent to the CEO of Disney that employees have signed, and all of those things have been censored on the company,” Feucht responded. “I think they’re ready to show the world, ‘Hey listen we’re not down with this either.’ I know a lot [of Disney employees], they’re good, they’re Christians, they love America, and they just want to create safe content for children.”

These employees “see that their corporation is being hijacked by a bunch of woke crazy people that are trying to indoctrinate kids with they crazy sexualization,” Bethel’s former worship leader said.