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Rick Warren Endorses Bart Barber for SBC President; Tom Buck Suggests Saddleback Should Be Disfellowshipped

Barber attached a link to a Twitter thread from May 2021, wherein he responded to an article regarding the revisions made to the Baptist Faith & Message in 2000. In his response, Barber said, “I think we should disfellowship churches who call women as pastors.”

In response to Buck’s prodding regarding the matter, Barber added, “Dear God, please help us move past these ungodly tactics.”

Throughout the exchange between Buck and Barber, Buck maintained that he asked the question in good faith, saying, “Not sure why you’re so upset…But, again, I am glad that you agree that Saddleback should be disfellowshipped.”

Later, Buck also asked Florida pastor, Founders Ministries president, and SBC candidate Tom Ascol to weigh in on whether Saddleback should be disfellowshipped. 

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I will ask @tomascol the same question, even though he has not been endorsed by Rick Warren,” Buck said. “Having ordained three women, Rick Warren’s church is in violation of Article VI of BFM2000. @tomascol, do you believe a church who ordains women should be disfellowshipped from the SBC?”

“I reported that church to the SBC credentials committee when they publicly celebrated ordaining 3 women pastors. I never got a response, which I gather is standard operating procedure. But the SBC has boundaries. BFM Art. 6 does not allow for women pastors,” Ascol replied

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The annual meeting of the SBC, where the next SBC president will be elected, will be held in Anaheim, CA on June 14-15.