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Ministry Leader Responds to Backlash Against Viral Video of Christians Worshiping on Airplane

“I’m Christian and this is incredibly annoying,” said one Twitter user who agreed with Omar about the video. Another user, who identified himself as a Christian minister, responded, “Had I been on the plane, I would have been offended. The incident was inappropriate proselytizing before a captive audience. Had a group of Muslims [done] this, they might well have been put on a no-fly list.”

Not everyone took this view, however. “I’m not a Christian and this wouldn’t bother me,” said another user. “I would find it nice that these kids are joyful and singing together.”

The Church of Satan commented on a different tweet of the video, saying, “This is terrorism.”

Jack Jensz Jr. Responds to Uproar

In an April 17 video responding to the outrage, Jensz said that he and his team have been in Ukraine since the second day of the war, providing medical supplies, food, and humanitarian aid, as well as praying with refugees. He went on to give context for how the in-flight worship occurred. 

“On this flight, we had our team, and our team, we went up to the airhost and shared with them what we’ve been doing in Ukraine,” said Jensz, “and we asked them if it’s ok if we could sing a song on the plane. The airhost asked the pilot, they both agreed, and the airhost then got on the intercom and said to the passengers that we have some people that would like to sing a song. Everyone clapped.”

Jensz said that during the singing, people were smiling and some were so moved they were crying. “It was a great joyful moment,” he said, concluding, “I just wanted to clear that up—that’s what happened. May God bless you and remember, Jesus loves you so much.”

ChurchLeaders has reached out to Jack Jensz Jr. and will update this article in the event of a reply.

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