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Founder of ‘Pulpit & Pen’ JD Hall Arrested, Charged With DUI, Concealed Gun, Traffic Violations

On Monday, Fellowship Baptist Church released a statement explaining that Hall had submitted his resignation the day after his arrest, but the church’s leadership rejected the pastor‘s request.

Citing that Hall suffers from a vitamin D deficiency, which can cause all of the symptoms police said Hall displayed and which Hall has openly discussed on various platforms, the church said Hall hasn’t done anything that disqualifies him from ministry.

“The deacons and elders met yesterday and rejected his resignation in consultation with three well-respected and Godly pastors of other churches,” the statement said. “As it was unanimously determined that, as no alcohol was used and Pastor Hall’s coordination/health issues have been well known, this unfortunate incident was not ministerially disqualifying. The deacons, elders, and consulted pastors were apprised of Pastor Hall’s prescription medication, health issues, and spiritual, emotional, and physical state, and expressed great concern for his health and overworking.”

After the church’s council met, they determined that Hall “was exhausted, potentially addicted to working, and must rest, do nothing for three months, and change his phone number (to not be bothered by outsiders).”

The statement also shared that the congregation unanimously rejected Hall’s resignation, approving the church council’s recommendation. Hall cautioned the church to “be ready for what enemies of Christ would do with this situation and to brace themselves.”

Additionally, Protestia said in a statement that Hall doesn’t drink alcohol and disagrees with the police’s report, arguing that he was pulled over because his tires were over the “stop line,” and not for “overt, callous reckless driving [as] some outlets have reported.”

Protestia also explained that the “police don’t have the ability to assess the contents of anyone’s blood while conducting a traffic stop.”

The online publication pointed out that Hall has only written a handful of articles this year because of his unhealthy lifestyle resulting from over-working. Protestia also shared a recent post where Hall explained why he was quitting polemics.

“It’s been no secret that JD has worked himself to a point where it has negatively affected his health,” David Morrill of Protestia wrote. “And he has a very hard time saying ‘no’ when people are relying on him.”

Hall filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy earlier this year after being sued by a transgender activist who alleged Hall published false statements about the activist in a story written for the Montana Daily Gazette.

Earlier this month, Hall threatened the SBC with litigation if they attempt to silence him and “his boys” at the upcoming SBC annual meeting in June.

“Dear #SBC2022, me and my boys will control the mics, and rebuke is on the agenda. My attorney will be with me in person and any attempt to silence us will swiftly handled with immediate litigation.”

Hall then used the hashtag #changethedirection, which is commonly used by SBC presidential nominee Tom Ascol, the Conservative Baptist Network, former SBC Executive Committee member Rod Martin, and SBC pastor Tom Buck.