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Johnny Hunt Resigns as NAMB VP of Evangelism; Guidepost Report Alleges He Sexually Abused a Pastor’s Wife

Not long after the incident, Hunt reached out to her by text, asking if they could discuss what happened. Desiring to sort out the sexual assault, she met him outside. To her amazement, Hunt then proceeded to tell her that “he would like to have sex with her three times a day.” The report says she couldn’t get back inside her condo quickly enough.

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The next morning, Hunt texted her again, asking to meet on the balcony. This time, he apologized and asked her for forgiveness, which she gave him.

Hunt told her not to mention what had happened to anyone, and she agreed. He then invited her to join him and his family on the beach and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She sat in her beach chair and talked to her husband on the phone the entire time.

The pastor’s wife attempted to confront Hunt two days after he sexually assaulted her. When attempting to do so, Hunt’s wife told her to leave and to stop talking to her husband. Upset, the pastor’s wife called her husband and came home at his request. He was not yet aware of the sexual assault.

The report states that “several days” after the sexual assault, Hunt contacted the victim’s husband, requesting that they meet at Hunt’s church.

On August 2, 2010, Hunt was accompanied by the counseling pastor from his church, Roy Blankenship. Hunt confessed to what took place with the pastor’s wife but shared a different story that painted the sexual encounter as consensual.

Hunt admitted to kissing the pastor’s wife lightly, touching her breasts over her clothes, and “trying to pull her shorts down.” According to the report, Hunt then said, “Thank God I didn’t consummate the relationship.”

Blankenship told the pastor and his wife that he believed an “inappropriate relationship had developed,” but based on the information he was given, it was consensual.

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The pastor’s wife stated that “at the time she believed that, even though she did not consent to what Hunt did to her, she was made to feel it was consensual because she did not fight back. When Survivor attempted to provide her version of the event, both Dr. Hunt and Mr. Blankenship spoke over her.”

Blankenship met with the pastor and his wife for counseling and “forbade them from discussing what happened” that day at the condo.