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Church Was Built on ‘Lies, Deceit, Abuse, Rape, and Fear’: Another Woman Comes Forward Against John Lowe’s Son

“The WHOLE family” is to blame, Kline said. According to Kline, nothing was done following the revelation of abuse, and Jeremy was allowed to stay in the church.

Allegedly, pastor Lowe slandered the Kline family after they came forward with the truth, referring to them as “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” The Lowe family told people that the young Kline made the story up to seek attention, and that if it really did happen to her, she was “asking for it.”

In a report by Sarah Einselen, Kline’s mother said that she was “livid” after finding out that her daughter’s abuser was allowed to serve in the church’s nursery during worship services.

According to Kline’s statement, the Lowe family told others that her family was “making a mountain out of a molehill because it happened years ago” and that they should just let it go. Only a select few believed the Klines’ story, who soon became outcasts in the church.

The Kline family was told by police that they couldn’t do anything, because Jessi couldn’t remember explicit details. “I know my mind and body were working to protect me against the trauma of his abuse as it repressed the painful memories,” she said. “He stole my innocence and prayed I wouldn’t remember.”

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Kline called out her abuser in her statement, saying that Jeremy remembers the incident and that “he will never know peace.”

“Until they confess to crimes to the police, they are not truly penitent,” she said.

Kline ended her statement by calling New Life Christian Church and World Outreach a cult, saying that it was “built on lies, deceit, abuse, rape, and fear.”

Encouraging people to share her story, Kline urged other survivors that may have been abused by the church to let her know, because she stands with them. “Do not let them get away with this for one more second,” she said.

“I felt like we were let down by every Christian, every church, the law enforcement, everything,” Kline’s mother told Einselen.

Kline told ChurchLeaders that since posting her story, she has received some messages from others asking her if the sexual abuse actually happened.