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‘My Life Was an Absolute Living Hell’—Another Woman Alleges Abuse at Hands of Pastor John Lowe’s Son

The survivor went on to say that while the full extent of the abuse was not known to her in-laws, they knew enough to know she was not safe. “Their concern was not on me,” she said, “but on their son and their church…We were offered and received marriage counseling, but again nothing changed.  Never once was my safety or my physical or mental well-being addressed or a priority.  I was manipulated with the Bible and constantly reminded that with God all things are possible.”

The survivor explained that, among those in her circle, she was the only one who thought what was happening to her was “a big deal.” It was only when she shared her situation with people outside her circle that she got the help she needed. Even then, the Lowes and other church leaders tried to convince her to stay and make her marriage work. “I think looking back that’s one of the things that hurts me the most,” she said, “is that with ALL they knew, they still tried to convince me to stay. Keeping me in that marriage was an easier option for them then [sic] telling the truth of what their son did to me and the part that they played in allowing it to continue.”  

ChurchLeaders has reached out to this survivor and will update the article in the event of a reply. ChurchLeaders has also reached out to Bobi Gephart, her brother, Edgar Wolfe, and her mother, Karen Wolfe, as well as to John B. Lowe II via New Life Christian Church. 

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office had been handling an investigation into Gephart’s allegations against John Lowe II, but Indiana State Police has taken over due to a conflict of interest between the church and the sheriff’s office. Anyone with information “as a victim or a witness” of these events should call the Indiana State Police Bremen Post Criminal Investigations Division at (574) 546-4900.