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Celebration Church Sues To Evict Former Pastors Following Defamation Suit

 The defamation suit states, “Pastor Weems and K. Weems have brought this action to clear their names; establish the falsity of the scandalous narrative and statements Defendants published about them; recover damages for the substantial injuries Defendants’ lies and tortious conduct have caused; prevent Defendants’ continued publication of defamatory falsehoods and private information about Plaintiffs; and expose how the seditionists now in control [of[ Celebration Church maliciously and unjustifiably ruined Plaintiffs’ ability to work in their chosen profession.” The suit seeks damages in excess of $30,000.

In their lawsuit, the Weemses address the purchase of the Shellcracker property, saying that it was given as a gift to Stovall Weems’ missional non-profit Celebration Global as part of Weems’ retirement package. The suit claims this agreement was in writing and that church personnel, not Weems, handled transactions involving the property.

This account contradicts Celebration Church’s report, which says that Weems Group, LLC, “of which Weems is the sole member and its manager,” bought the Shellcracker property for $855,000 and sold it to the church four months later for $1,286,863.30. “The Church’s purchase of the Shellcracker property was not disclosed to or approved by the Board,” says the report. “The closing documents were signed by Weems on behalf of both Weems Group and the Church.” The report further states that Weems misrepresented the sale of the Shellcracker property to the church’s lender and that the sale increased the church’s debt.

Celebration Church’s eviction suit states that the Weemses “have been living in the Shellcracker property without any form of agreement with Celebration.” The church is seeking restitution for “rent for the period of April 15, 2022—the day of Stovall Weems’ resignation—until the day that the Shellcracker Property is vacated at a rate equivalent to the rate charged by similarly situated residences in the area, plus interest.” The church is also seeking any damages “that become evident after the defendants are evicted.” Included in the suit are eviction notices directing the Weemses to vacate the property by May 31. 

ChurchLeaders has reached out to Celebration Church and to Stovall and Kerri Weems for comment and will update this article in the event of any reply.