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UK-Based Ministry Focused on Ending Poverty Spent Thousands of Pounds on Luxury Travel, Report Finds

Regarding the pastors’ salaries, the commission reported, “Documentation provided to the inquiry shows that in 2016 the salary of the Senior Pastor increased from £44,536.20 to £72,000 per annum and the salary of the Deputy Senior Pastor from £45,000 to £54,000 per annum. The salaries of other employees rose as well however not by such a significant amount.” These increases were “far more than would normally be expected if in line with inflation.”

The Charity Commission concluded its report: “The previous trustee board is responsible for serious…misconduct in the administration of the charity. How they governed and managed the charity prior to the Commission’s intervention falls well below the standard that the Commission expects.”

“However,” the report continued, “the previous and current trustees have fully cooperated with the inquiry and implemented a comprehensive Action Plan. There have been changes to the trustee board and significant efforts have been undertaken by the current trustees to strengthen the charity’s overall governance and its policies and procedures. Because of the inquiry, the current trustees are more aware of their trustee duties, the importance of proper record keeping and decision making, and have taken measures to reduce expenditure. The charity continues to be supported by an independent financial advisor and monitored by the Commission.”

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