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Lawsuit Against David Platt, McLean Bible Church Dismissed

McLean Bible Church had asked the court to dismiss the case earlier this month following the successful revote for elder selections. The five plaintiffs disputed the revote, arguing that church leadership had stacked the membership list with new members that would vote in favor of the current leadership’s wishes.  

“The proposal from the Board of Elders fails to be even a pretense of a good-faith offer to resolve the case,” said Rick Boyer, the group’s lawyer. “It is instead a continuation of the Board of Elders’ determination to avoid transparency and accountability at all costs.”

Nevertheless, a Fairfax, Virginia, court dismissed the case on Friday after reviewing McLean leadership’s request.

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In a statement released on Monday, Platt said, “I know that many churches across America have faced and are facing similar challenges during these days, and it is vitally important that we move past division and live out John 13:35, demonstrating love for one another and love for a world in need of Jesus.”

“I’m incredibly grateful for the courage of our church in staying together and persevering, in pursuing peace in ways that required numerous steps of faith, and for trusting God all the way through to the actual dismissal of the lawsuit,” Wade Burnett, pastor of executive leadership, told Christianity Today.

Following the installation of new elders earlier this month, Platt told McLean Bible Church congregants, “As we move forward together, let’s continue praying for healing where there’s been hurt at different points. Let’s continue pursuing peace according to God’s word—and to do that with patience.” 

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The plaintiffs in the lawsuit plan to file an appeal, according to Religion News Service