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Pastor Judah Smith Says Pleasuring Yourself Sexually in the Confines of Marriage Is a Gift From God

He then made clear his belief that unmarried people engaging in any sexual activity is never justified. Asaduriyan further said that kissing beyond a peck isn’t a wise idea, because you’re putting your body in a situation to feel and want certain things that God forbids outside of marriage. He also encouraged dating singles to have good community around them that will keep them from entering into a serious relationship without an end goal in mind, going on to express that too many young people put themselves in difficult situations by holding off on marriage.

Ruslan KD then clarified that masturbation that takes place inside a marriage covenant must be shared with the spouse, because your body is not your own—at no time should self-pleasuring ever take place secretly from your spouse.

Asaduriyan shared the Apostle Paul’s instruction to married couples to not abstain from sex for a long period of time unless both the husband and wife are in agreement to do so (1 Cor. 7:5).

“For the single person who’s like, ‘Hey, I can do a manual release without lusting,’ what would you say to that person,” Ruslan KD asked Asaduriyan.

“I could see the possibility of that, [but] I haven’t really seen that in practice very much,” Asaduriyan responded. “I’ve worked with young people for a long time, [and] this has not been really possible. Maybe [there are] some people out there and they’re able to do this, but your body is designed in a way where [when] certain acts are done, you start thinking certain ways. Pictures and people you’ve seen pop into your head, and it’s very difficult to control something like that. So abstaining, generally, I would say is a good rule of thumb.”

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Asaduriyan concluded that is why he is a big fan of marrying young, saying, “God has blessed marriage, [and] God has blessed the act of sex between the husband and the wife. And if you’re ready for that, if you’re willing to go through the difficulties of being married as a young person, I would say go for it. But know what it involves.”