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Sadie Robertson Huff on Modesty: Christian Culture Makes It ‘Hard To Talk About’

The Duck Dynasty star said, “Modesty is a place in your heart that you have to find contentment with the Lord before you find it from any other man or even in yourself…God made you like beautiful, and He made you wonderful…Your body is a temple and you can let your husband into that picture, you know, but that’s a sacred thing, and so have respect for that sacred thing.”

“If you’re not competing with other girls,” she advised, “you will probably feel a lot more inclined to dress however you really feel comfortable and not dress how you want to be seen compared to the girl beside you at the gym.”

Sadie shared that she wears bikinis at the beach, something some conservative Christians would call immodest. “I think you have to respect your own convictions,” she said. “I feel like I’m covered…and I’m respecting myself the way I want to respect myself.”

“I think, as a Christian culture, the reason why it’s hard to talk about modesty is because people want to automatically attack” each other for what others are wearing, Sadie explained. “You just be responsible for you, and if you feel like you’re dressing a certain way to get something from someone, or to get certain attention, or you want somebody to notice a part of you that’s a little bit bigger, a bit juicy, then maybe consider, why do you want that attention? Where does that come from [in] your heart?”

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Sadie expressed that she gets fired up when she thinks about girls who flaunt their bodies to get noticed by others, saying, “I hate that girls feel like they have to do that. And I just remember in high school feeling like that. I just remember feeling like I have to show more or the guys won’t notice me…making me seem like I’m only worth attention if I show certain parts of my body when I’m so much more than that.”

The 25-year-old mother concluded her answer by encouraging girls to “give yourself more credit than that. You’re so much more than that. And the guys are not just gonna notice you because you’re, you know, blessed in certain areas. They’re gonna notice you because you’re a blessing to other people. And that’s the kind of woman that you want to be. That’s the kind of woman that’s going to be a good wife. That’s gonna be a good mom. That’s going to be a good friend. You’re the kind of woman that’s going to change the world. Just know that it’s so much more than your body.”

Sadie Encourages Church Leaders

When Sadie took home the K-Love fan award for “Podcast of the Year” this past June, ChurchLeaders had the opportunity to talk to Sadie and her husband on the red carpet and asked her to share a word of encouragement to church leaders.

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Citing Romans 12:21 where the Apostle Paul says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good,” Sadie said she was encouraged to see a room filled with people who do just that. “It’s intimidating to look at the world and see all the evil, but Christ gives us a call that you’re not to just continue in that, just to be like, ‘Well, it’s just all bad,’ but you’re the one that’s supposed to do the good. So what an incredible word from Jesus for all pastors and a lot of people out there.”