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‘Hellfire Club’: Parent Blasted Online After Asking if Adolescent Should Take a ‘Stranger Things’ Water Bottle to Christian School

“I personally don’t see anything wrong with her having this water bottle,” the parent said, sharing that she is happy to let her take the water bottle to school. Referring to the school’s potential disapproval, the parent asked, “Are they being unreasonable to argue this with the teacher or should I just let it go and tell my daughter she can’t take it in?”

The parent later shared that the Christian school wasn’t her preferred choice, “but we got it anyway. I have generally been happy with the school though, and it’s not super strict religious.”

Mumsnet Parents Blast ‘Hellfire Club’ Parent

Comments from parents portrayed a dumbfounded tone, many of which asked the parent why she sends her child to a Christian school when she isn’t a Christian.

Others called it offensive for the parent to willfully go against something the school would see as demonic, with one saying, “Why would you let her take something in you know would cause issues as it goes against the school values?”

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“Whether you’re religious or not isn’t really relevant,” one parent said. “You’re religious enough to send your child to a religious school. If you want to use a religious space you need to be respectful of their beliefs and religion. In the same way that you expect people to respect your values in your home. It’s not an appropriate bottle.” This same person asked the parent if they were on “crack” for letting a 10-year-old watch “Stranger Things.”

Many parents also blasted the parent for allowing a 10-year-old to watch a show like “Stranger Things.” Speaking about their non-denominational school, someone said a “Hellfire Club – Stranger Things” themed water bottle “would raise eyebrows. We’ve had to have safeguarding chats with parents of children who have been watching Stranger Things.”

“I’m Christian and not offended by it but I still don’t think it appropriate for a primary school lunch bottle,” another commented.

“If the teacher had an issue with the drawing then I imagine same would apply to the water bottle. I’d leave it at home, not worth the hassle for me or my daughter,” another parent pointed out.

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A non-Christian told the parent that they agreed with other parents in that “Stranger Things” shouldn’t be watched by someone as young as 10.