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Federal Agencies Persist in Efforts to Offset Roe’s Reversal

The Women’s Health Protection Act would safeguard a vastly expansive right to abortion that would prohibit federal and state regulations of the procedure that even Roe permitted. The House approved a version of the bill in September 2021, but the Senate rejected consideration of the legislation in May.

The House also will decide on the Ensuring Access to Abortion Act, which would bar states with abortion bans from prohibiting travel to other states for the procedure. It also would prevent states from blocking the mailing of abortion pills across state lines.

The ERLC posted on its website July 12 an explanation of both bills, which the entity strongly opposes.

The actions by federal agencies followed a series of other initiatives by Biden and his administration since the justices overruled Roe.

Biden signed an executive order July 8 that included directives calling for expanded safeguards for access to drugs that end the lives of preborn children, the establishment of an interagency task force to coordinate protections for abortion access and the assembling of volunteer lawyers to represent women and abortion providers.

On the day Roe fell in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization opinion, the president announced his administration would protect interstate travel for abortions and access to medical/chemical abortions. Days later, the administration also established a new website that helps women find an abortion provider and obtain funds to pay for such a procedure.

Biden also has called for Congress to codify Roe into law through an exception to the Senate’s filibuster rule, which requires 60 votes to end debate and take floor action on legislation but is improbable with the chamber’s current makeup. He also has urged voters to elect enough senators to establish expansive abortion rights in federal law.

Some Democrats in Congress have criticized Biden for not doing more to protect abortion rights after the Supreme Court’s ruling. Among their proposals have been calls for a declaration by Biden of a “public health emergency” and the opening of abortion clinics on federal lands in conservative states. The administration has declined to take those steps.

Nearly half of the 50 states already have laws prohibiting abortion either throughout pregnancy or at some stage of pregnancy, although courts have blocked enforcement of some.

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