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Semler Begs Gospel Music Association Members To Vote Her ‘Best New Artist’ at Dove Awards

The next day, Foreman responded to Baldridge through a TikTok video, saying, “Yes, I support your rights to freedoms. I want you to feel loved and supported. I want you to feel treasured and valued and seen. I want all love and joy and beauty and truth for you.”

“I am interpreting what you said as being affirming,” Baldridge responded.

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Baldridge later did something similar to “VeggieTales” creator Phil Vischer, tweeting, “Let the cartoon vegetables be gay Phil.”

Vischer gave a vague response by just posting, “Nope.”

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On Tuesday (July 12), Semler pleaded with Dove Award voters to consider voting for her for the Best New Artist award.

“Hello! Ballots went out today for The Dove Awards. If you’re a voter I’d love for you to consider voting for me for Best New Artist. I know I’m not for everybody, but I have been part of expanding representation in Christian music. And my records slap,” Semler tweeted.

After getting responses from her fans asking where they could vote, Baldridge explained that “only Gospel Music Association members can vote :/ Otherwise I would’ve had so much fun rallying a campaign for votes. But here’s hoping!”

Less than 24 hours later, Semler followed up her plea by arguing that the time has come for the award to go to an openly queer artist.

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“‘The Doves’ are the awards given out by The Gospel Music Association. I would like to be considered for Best New Artist. GMA has never awarded an openly queer person before BUT HEAR ME OUT,” Semler said. “1) Your vote can be a secret 2) My music is good 3) I will serve on that red carpet.”