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Hatred of Christianity Is ‘One of the Animating Forces on the Other Side,’ Says Tucker Carlson

What should be a top priority in people’s lives, he said, are their families. “Children are the main source of joy and meaning in the human life. Period,” said Carlson. The one main idea Republican leaders should focus on is: “Can your children grow up in a country pretty much like the one you grew up in?”

Carlson contrasted the importance of children with the importance of a job, characterizing work as being a necessary part of life, as well as a punishment from God. Christians believe Adam and Eve were “sentenced” to work in the garden, said Carlson. “It was not an award.” Notably, the first chapters of the biblical book of Genesis recount God commissioning the man and the woman with tasks in the world before sin entered it. 

Carlson also encouraged his audience to support politicians who do not care what the New York Times thinks and who care about beauty. He referenced the biblical idea of judging a tree by its fruit and said that good worldviews produce beauty and bad ones produce ugliness. To support his point, Carlson argued that U.S. architecture has steadily gotten worse since 1945, implying that a decline in architectural beauty is connected to a decline in American ideas. 

Carlson rooted the idea of beauty in nature, arguing that because beauty comes from God’s creation, we should aim to be as close as we can to God’s creation. He also mocked people who are confused about their gender, calling gender identity the “last thing that needs positive affirmation.”

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