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Sean Feucht Responds to Rolling Stone’s Claim He Is Using Donor Funds To Get Rich

“I’m not saying that Sean is guilty of private inurement. But if a guy that makes less than $200,000 a year is buying multiple, million-dollar properties, at a minimum that warrants additional questions,” Smith told Rolling Stone.

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According to its 2020 tax return, Sean Feucht Ministries Inc. listed $5,303,651 as “honorariums and speaking,” which isn’t completely unusual for someone like Feucht, who may receive upwards of $100,000 for an appearance or speaking engagement, Smith shared.

Smith believes that “Sean has figured out how to monetize the evangelical industrial complex,“ calling what Feucht is doing a “perverse relationship between prosperity-gospel Christian ministries, political activism, and Christian nationalism…If you can draw crowds, you can make money.”

Sarah Webber, an accounting professor at the University of Dayton, told Rolling Stone that Feucht’s listing $0 in contributions for 2020 “seems a little fishy,” given all the donation buttons on all Feucht’s ministry sites. “How could you have a website set up for taking in individual donations, but not [report] any contributions?”

“Rolling Stone is at it again, acting surprised at the scope and breadth of the ministry required to host hundreds of worship events impacting hundreds of thousands of people across the country,” Feucht told ChurchLeaders. “But they have no interest in applauding God for His work and His faithfulness, they just want to distort and deceive. It’s not going to work. God is on the move and they can’t stop it!”

Over 8,000 Attend ‘Let Us Worship’ Event in South Africa

During a recent “Let Us Worship” event in South Africa that witnessed over 8,000 in attendance, Feucht said that people came to salvation, received healing, and were set free from addictions. Feucht posted a video on Instagram where people can be seen literally running to the front during the altar call.

“It felt like 1/3 of the crowd was running to Jesus for salvation, freedom addiction and surrender as drugs, needles, pills and lots more was thrown on the stage,” Feucht said. “I’m undone and in awe again at the miracle power of JESUS tonight! HE JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!”

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The worship leader also posted an image of himself on stage with a South African police officer, who Feucht said told him, “This is the greatest crime prevention strategy for our nation.”

Feucht Leads Worship Inside U.S. Capitol Building

Feucht sent ChurchLeaders a video wherein he led worship inside the U.S. Capitol building on Tuesday. The video shows Feucht, along with congresswoman Lauren Boebert, staff, and congressional aides, singing “I Exalt Thee” in a room inside the Capitol.

“It was absolutely profound,” Feucht said. In addition to leading worship, Feucht also led a Bible study. He tweeted a video, saying, “Let’s believe for a move of God to happen today because when it happens inside of the Capitol it touches America.”