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Pastor Murdered by Wife After Years of Forcing Her To Have Sex With 50 to 100 Men; Sentencing Underway

Further, Evans expressed that she feared what her husband might do should she leave. As he struggled with depression and threatened suicide when at one point Evans brought up the topic of divorce, Evans feared that he might do harm to her parents in order to coax her out of hiding, possibly going as far as to kill her and himself.

The Murder

After Square came over to the Evans’ home on multiple occasions while David was in Mexico, Kristie urged Square to kill him so that they could make a getaway. 

David Evans had a life insurance policy worth $250,000, and Kristie later admitted that she promised to purchase a car for Square in exchange for his help. Prosecutors alleged that Evans was motivated to enlist Square after she discovered that he had a violent history, having stabbed someone in the past. The Evans family had also recently filed for bankruptcy. 

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On the day of the murder, Evans said that she had sex with her husband twice in light of the fact that he would be killed later that evening. 

That night, Evans said she found Square in the dining room after hearing some noises. Evans assured him that her husband was sound asleep. Prosecutors noted that she had also turned up the television volume and fan to cover any noise that could wake him. Square then proceeded to enter the couple’s room to shoot David.

“I stayed in the living room. I didn’t want to watch,” Kristie said.

Square shot the pastor once before fleeing. David Evans was later declared dead from a gunshot wound to the head. 

Sentencing Hearing

During her sentencing hearing, Kristie Evans’ lawyer expressed that given the circumstances of her marriage, Evans’ sentence should be split or suspended. 

“From day one she was abused. She went from being in a small town home with her mom and dad, to a very abusive home with her husband, who over decades and decades abused her physically, emotionally, financially, sexually, especially in the last five years,” the lawyer said. “He pretty much farmed her out and had men have sex with her, sometimes multiples at a time.”

During the hearing, Evans’ daughter, Brittney Long, spoke on her mother’s behalf, saying, “I think my mom already has served her time. She spent 30 years living with my dad.”

Long also testified that the pastor was abusive to her mother and siblings.

Evans’ father, Edwin Armer, said it would be an “injustice” for her to spend even one more day locked up, adding, “[David] was a monster, plain and simple. A monster.” 

During cross-examination, a prosecutor put into evidence sexually explicit letters Evans had written to Square while in jail, as well as sexually explicit messages written to another inmate. Evans expressed that this way of relating to men was all she knew, saying, “Men respond to sex talk.”

At another point, the prosecutor told Evans that she was a very good liar. She replied, “Yes, I’ve lived a whole 30 years with a mask on my face.”

The sentencing hearing is ongoing.

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Square has also been charged with first-degree murder, and his next court date is August 25.