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Saying ‘Yes’ to God Allows Raiders QB Derek Carr to Preach and Play

Carr tells Wells about his growing new organization, Tribe of Judah Ministries, which is already leading to powerful connections and life change for thousands of people.

The QB also describes having meaningful conversations with teammates, including non-Christians. As a leader in the locker room, Carr says, he tries to be “an open door” and not “judge anybody.” He emphasizes that he loves people even when he doesn’t agree with them.

Carr, a father of four, strives daily to be steady, consistent, and “who God called me to be.” Prayer and worship music help fill his mind with things of God, he tells Wells. And in an ultra-competitive, production-oriented sport like football, Carr says it helps to remember that “God already did the work” for our salvation.

Now that the Raiders have moved to Las Vegas, Carr says people often ask him about facing worldly temptations and distractions. He has said “no” to those so many times, he chuckles, that “now people just leave me alone.”

Carr is able to do that because of a strong identity in Christ and “being secure in who you are and whose you are.” Thanks to Jesus, he says, “I don’t need the world to give me anything else.”