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Bruxy Cavey Credibly Accused in 3 Cases of Sexual Abuse and 1 Sexual Misconduct

Cavey grew The Meeting House into a megachurch with some 5,000 people attending 19 campuses. (The church now has 14 locations.) With his long hair and tattoos and folksy demeanor, he became one of Canada’s best-known evangelical preachers.

Last year a woman came forward to accuse him of sexual abuse. He was asked to resign in March.

In May, police in the Canadian city of Hamilton charged Cavey with one count of Level 1 sexual assault, which involves minor physical injuries or no injuries to the victim. Police did not say whether it was the same woman who came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Cavey late last year.

In response to a question from a member of the church at a Town Hall meeting Sunday, Overseer Bruce Miller said the police have been notified of the investigation’s conclusions.

He also said the church paid the victims for counseling.

After hiring a victim advocate, the church overseers said 38 people had come forward with information about sexual abuse at the church.

The church is now led by interim senior pastor Karmyn Bokma and interim senior director Matt Miles.

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